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September 29, 2012

Our first meeting of the new fiscal year …. BRING your DUES and a friend !   We will have a business meeting at 10 and it will be followed by a group share of summer fun and activities.  Bring things to show and stories to tell.  REMEMBER that we are meeting at our new location – the Pacific Textile Arts campus at 450 Alger St Fort Bragg, CA.
See you there.  I will have the CNCH2013 brochures to hand out.

And what a wonderful group we had today.  Stories about this year’s forest fires – a cabin saved by firefighters, smoke in MT and looms (a garage sale find, an “ebony” Macomber counter-march found a new owner) .  Wonderful rugs (The therapy rug, rag rugs, a Hwy 128 Krogbragd) and a fine weft ikat tapestry.  Several nice knitted pieces (hats, a fold into itself scarf) and trips to Paris/Italy, a Scotland reference, and my RV road trip to SD.  Thanks all for attending !!!

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