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May Mtg and the end of our MCHG fiscal year.

We end the year with an optional potluck after the business meeting and hearing from both Jennie Henderson and Janet Heppler.  Janet, of Nebo-Rock Ranch and Textiles  (Fiber, Natural and dyed yarn, roving and locks from my own Merino sheep, Angora goats and Angora rabbits. Handspun and Handmade hats, scarves, shawls, and sheep skins) will be soliciting entries for the California Wool and Fiber Festival which runs concurrently with the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show in Boonville  September 12-14th 2014.  Jennie will be encouraging us to again contribute entries for the Gualala Art’s annual event Art in the Redwoods Festival August 16-September 1, 2014

The business meeting which starts at 10am will include a vote regarding the direction the guild will take next year.  We can consolidate our energy into the expanding PTArts organization or make no change.   The officers of the guild have given their support to this change but the membership needs to vote on such a critical issue.  So if you can not attend, be sure to email your proxy vote to webtechie(at)

We are community and we will stay community …

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